At Home Workout- The Step

Guys…. remember like the last ten posts when I said that the holidays were killing me? Well here we are on a Wednesday to make up for no Tuesday post. Oopsie! Yesterday was like crazy busy- but we did end up with a bunny sooooo I’m not that mad. Isn’t she cute?
And I can’t even tell you how much I hate the lighting in my apartment. We are in a basement and I obviously didn’t take these at a great time so… sorry for the low pic quality! My bad.

Set a timer on your phone and do 1 min of each exercise. Repeat the circuit 3 times. You can always finish it off with a few minutes of jump ropes too 🙂

1. The Switch

Start with one leg up and switch in the air so that your other foot is up on the step. Does that make sense?

2. The Side Step

Think, “one, two”- both feet need to be in each position before you move on. Make sure you move one foot at a time.

3. Push Up

What would a circuit be without these? I chose to do mine wide, but you can always switch yours up.

4. Burpies!

These are legit. Don’t skip them!

5. Tri Dips

Make sure to keep you wrists in line with your elbows as much as you can. Also- get your booty realllllly close to the ground, but don’t rest it down there.

6. Bridges

I took out some of the levels on my step to show some modifications- you can do whatever feels most comfortable for you. Remember to keep your core pulled in and your bum tight.

7. Bunny Hops

Had to keep with the bunny theme. These are just regular box jumps.

8. Lunges

I just did a wide lunge here. I gently touched my knee to the ground on the way down. Try to keep you front knee in line with your ankle. Since you’ll need to switch legs do 1 minute on the right side, 1 minute on the left for each circuit.

9. Backwards Jumps

I love involving the brain in my workouts- this looks simple but it required some concentration! Basically the same as bunny hops except that you are facing the opposite direction.

10. Sit Ups

You know the drill. I didn’t use my step with this one (obvs).

I’m just going to be real here for like one second. I am posting this really late today because honestly, I am super self-conscious of these photos. Sometimes it is really scary to put yourself out there- especially when you know (and see) all of your flaws. My cute hubby told me to just post them… who was anyone else to say that I didn’t look good enough to post these on a health blog? I’m trying to internalize that… but it’s tough. I’m just trying to remind myself that I am on a journey and that even though I have a health blog, I definitely don’t need a barbie doll body. I see lots of other bloggers that do, so it can be discouraging- but who wants to read a blog about someone who is perfect? That’s way too high of a standard to live up to. Ammmiright? Thanks for listening to my rant!

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