69: Finish the Book of Mormon

I had a goal when I came to Israel to strengthen my testimony of my savior. What better place to do it than the Holy Land?
I started (or continued) to do the things that I knew would bring me happiness. I made it a goal to not miss my morning or evening prayers and to read and finish the Book of Mormon during my stay here.
For some reason, it always seems a little harder at home to be 100%. There are distractions of every kind and everyone is pulling you in a different direction. The Jerusalem Center became my safe haven- I didn’t have to worry about things going on at home and I could really focus on myself and building and strengthening my testimony. I’ve relied on the testimony of others for too long. I reached a time in my life where I needed to take my love of the Savior to a new level and to have my heart truly opened to His loving arms.
I started to read and pray more fervently than I ever had before and my attitude completely changed. I have so much love and hope for my life. I started to receive very specific promptings- I began to realize that my Savior had a bigger plan for me than I ever thought. I went and met with the branch president for some advice; he told me something that I did not expect- he told me to be sensitive to other things developing in my life and that all I could do was prepare and continue to strengthen my testimony. I left that meeting even more confused than before. So I asked my friend Tom to give me a blessing- I can’t even describe how close to my heart that blessing is. I’m so grateful for the priesthood- It is a very special blessing to be here with so many worthy priesthood holders.  I don’t think that I can find this anywhere else. It is my little piece of heaven. And through that priesthood I have realized that my heavenly father has a guiding hand in my life. He guides me to paths that I wouldn’t have taken on my own and he sends me people that influencer and change me for the better.

About a week before I came home I was able to complete the Book of Mormon. I am so so grateful for the blessings that it brings into my life. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan for me. I hope that I can show Him how much I truly love Him. I am excited for my life and everything that is going to happen. 

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