55: Go to a Hypnotist

This was one crazy experience. I’ll be straight up honest here. 
A little background- I am a group on-a-holic. I love groupon and I always get tons of stuff on here. So obviously when a two-hour session for $30 popped up I had to get in on it. 
When I arrived for my appointment he had me sit down, get comfortable and close my eyes. My eyes were closed the entire time. Who knows what he was doing behind closed eyes. I dont particularly want to know– yikes. 
But it felt just like a regular counseling session- he was trying to calm my mind and help me let go and detatch from myself. I wouldnt go as far to say that it was enjoyable but it wasnt uncomfortable. 
And the highlight of the entire experience… at the end he told me that I had nothing to worry about in life because I was “smoking hot”.
Way to make it weird buddy. 
Not to mention the add of facebook that night…. 
Way to make it evern weirder. 
Even looks like a hypnotist… right? 

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