5: Finish my Triathlon

Today was a fantastic day in the life of this hollie. 
I finished my first triathlon!! 
I am so proud of myself, this was not an easy feat. 
Although I had limited training (I can be lazy sometimes- who isn’t?), I finished this sucker in 
approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes! 
So let me start off with the swim. 
We tried the water out the night before and it was ICE cold. Like so freaking cold. 
We did have wetsuits though! So in the morning we dawned out bright orange caps, goggles, and ultra-tight wetsuits and set off in a mile long race. 
You can only be kicked in the head so many times before you get sick of it. 
I did have a little cop out and swim it backstroke instead of freestyle. 
I saved some energy, and with the current, it didn’t make that big of a difference. 
Then we had the bike portion. 
I didn’t train on the bike at all- so that seat=killer!!!!!! 
I got on and immediately thought,
“What did I get myself into???” 
I had to alternate, I did ten seconds sprints, then five second rest  where I would lift up my bum and let it breathe. haha 
I finished though. 
I carefully got off my bike and about collapsed. Turns out your legs need some time to adjust after 25 miles on a bike. But I got rolling pretty quickly. 
I was actually looking forward to the run because, A: I know how to run. & B: The chances of getting injured are significantly reduced. 

Beautiful sunrise 
Perfect weather- overcast and not very sunny. Reduced the amount of eye-glaring & sweat. 

Crosby Pride!

Obviously,  I had to put this little treasure in here…. Man-pride right there.

I feel soooo accomplished right now!! WOOO! 🙂

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