The other day as I was popping around the internet, I came across a website called, A Newtrition Life. It looks like a start up website, so there isn’t much information on there quite yet; that being said, I ran across a “rule” that I thought was brilliant! I’m don’t know enough about stages of fat burning in the body, but I loved the idea of timing your meals.
Honestly, this is a pretty simple concept and I’m not sure why I didn’t apply it before! This new ‘schedule’ has helped me to not snack as much (although I still struggle in the afternoon) and to avoid extra dessert calories.
So here it is- 4 meals per day, 4 hours between each meal, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. I set an alarm on my fitbit- as soon as that thing went off I got to eat (yay food!)
Seems simple enough, right?
Breakfast: 8 am
Lunch: 12 pm
Hearty Snack: 4 pm
Dinner: 8 pm

My foods for this week: acai bowl & homemade granola, tilapia with brown rice & corn and tomato salad, oat bran muffin, light cheese stick & fresh peach, and 1 serving of dinner (varies daily- tonight I had cottage cheese, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes).
I decided on a hearty snack in between lunch and dinner- our schedule is a little wacky due to Sky’s work and school schedule. Some nights we don’t eat dinner until late. I definitely needed something to get me through from lunch to dinner. If I workout right after work, I can almost always use the extra fuel to get me through it so it was important that I had a filling snack.
The first few days were pretty difficult to be honest, but I can feel my body adjusting (even though it has only been about a week). I find that I’m not as hungry/don’t reach for snacks as often and that is definitely a win in my book.
One of the best things that I have noticed about this new schedule is the no-late-night snacking that I usually put myself through. I love desserts and hot popcorn- so the ‘no eating past 8pm’ rule has helped me so much! I’m not perfect (and I struggle a lot on the weekends) but I’m slowly strengthening my resistance muscle 😉 Anytime I get the urge to snack after dinner, I try to remind myself that calories count double after 8pm (your metabolism naturally slows down in the evening as your body gets ready for rest so it takes long to get food through your system and you don’t use it as efficiently).
If you end up trying this little tip, please let me know! I want to hear about your experience!

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