27. Go to a Sporting Event

This summer I had the privilege to live with a hard-core real-life Canadian. 
Yikes right? hahah jk jk. 
It was such a good time. We ended up going up to Canada to visit her family and to hit up the most famous Calgary Stampede. 
This stampede happens once a year (July 12-15), and is an absolute blast. And the cowboys that compete are very talented because they have to be invited to ride up there. 
Being the total heart-breaker, man-killers that we are, we made friends with some lovely little cowboys. There was one that I was particularly fond of named Jacobs Crawley. What a babe. Total red head but thats okay. Lol still cute. He had the sweetest little texan accent and knew how to country dance up a storm. We gave him a place to stay for one of the nights and watched him ride his saddle-bronc the next day. He was one of the ‘wild cards’ and he had 3 re-rides since his bronc was seriously going crazy! 
Rodeo is a hard core sport 
(Made the mistake of telling him that I thought it was a little silly… whoops) 
And that cowboys are dang dang sexy. 

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