1/2 Marathon Prep and Giveaway

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest runner. In high school, I gained quite a bit of weight after a move to Hawaii, so I joined the cross country team in the hopes that it would get my butt in shape! Unfortunately, I was too much of a quitter and didn’t push myself hard enough to really make any significant changes in my body. Even after moving back to Utah, my running habits didn’t get much better and I continued at my same weight. Finally, after coming to college, I decided that I wanted to become a better runner (even if it wasn’t a super long or impressive distance). I started borrowing neighbor/friend’s dogs to go jogging at night in Provo and in Jerusalem during my study abroad, I had a good group of girls that were good at working out each day and that definitely started getting me on the right track. It wasn’t until my wedding that I started running consistently (even if it was only a couple of times per week). I want to become an even better runner, and that just takes practice, right?? I’ll keep you updated on any tips and tricks. I’m also reading this book, hope it helps!


Now are you ready for this good news?? I’ll be teaming up Utah Run in American Fork to giveaway  an entry for the Pink Series Half Marathon in Park City, Utah on October 10th. This is the perfect opportunity to commit to starting a running program and prepping for an upcoming race. Not only is this a great course, it is also for a great cause- this race is put on to raise money for various charities & to honor breast cancer survivors and patients! There’s always lots of fun goodies and prizes at the end so this is a race you definitely don’t want to miss.

Winner: Brooke Baird

You will be emailed information regarding your prize 🙂 Thank you everyone for participating!
Please bear with me on this rafflecopter, it’s my first time using it and I hope it works properly! (In the box beneath the Instagram entry, please put your username so I can verify, thanks loves!)


Having my gear prepped and ready to go makes it so much easier to head to the gym right after work, no excuses! The treadmill at the gym is my best friend right now since it is way too hot outside.


I’m not quite sure I can run race due to some scheduling conflicts at work, but I am going to prep for it anyways. It’s been a while since I have run regularly, so I found a “beginners” training plan (found here) that will be my go to. If you are a more serious runner, this one also looks like a great plan. In the past I have used the Runners World app (it actually takes your most recent race time and gives you a training plan based on that!)
If you are wanting to run a 1/2 but don’t have good running shoes, please go get officially fitted for a pair at Utah Run- don’t underestimate how important this is! Crappy shoes can cause injuries (either acute or chronic) and no one likes to be in additional pain when they’re exercising.