1,000 Challenge

Who’s up for a challenge before Thanksgiving?
{You better raise your hand!}
What’s better than an extra calorie burn before a massive ingestion of delicious calories? Either extra calorie burn or a nap… but we aren’t here on Eat Glitter to take a nap. #amiright?
Jump rope is seriously one of the best calorie-burners out there. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this thang.
So hard to go an extended period of time but so good for you. I think jumping (as long as your joints are healthy and okay) is super good for your lymphatic system. I think it can totally help clean out your system (in addition to the cardiovascular benefits). So here’s the challenge.

1,000 jumps.

After your regular workout.

Everyday this week (including Thanksgiving).

You ready?
Throw on a girl boss shirt and kick some booty.
I don’t know about you, but I do not want to gain any weight this Holiday season. The scale can be such a buzz-kill and I’m not ready for that kind of negativity.
If you’re like me, you want to know how many calories you’re burning during your 1,000 jump feat. Follow the link HERE and fill out your info. You’ll get a pretty good idea of where you’re at.
If you want even more of a challenge on Thanksgiving, track your desserts on MyFitnessPal and burn off all your dessert calories with your rope.
Boom. Tough.
But if you aren’t ready for the kind of commitment, it’s okay. I’ll still like you and be proud of you for getting you 1,000 jumps in.
Bonus: if you wear a cute workout outfit, it’s like 10x easier. I promise 😉
Leggings: Saks Off Fifth
Top: Ross, in stores 🙁
Shoes: 6pm.com, sold out (similar HERE)
Jump rope: Walmart 

Don’t forget to tag your pics on insta with @eatglitterallday and #1000challenge ! Can’t wait to see your jumping posts!

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