Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Review

So it has been about a month since my last ‘Before’ photo, and I have been really happy with my progress so far! I know its hard to see in the pictures because the changes are quite small, but I am trying to keep myself accountable and keep it real 😉 Since the beginning of the month I am down from 68.9 kg to 67.3 kg so I am proud of the progress.

This past month I worked out 5-6 times per week, I did at least 15 minutes of Dance Cardio everyday (mostly this one HERE) and alternated between Tracy Anderson’s Post-pregnancy 1 and Post-pregnancy 2. In my opinion BOTH of these PP DVDs were a fantastic workout.

When I say “fantastic”, I actually mean that they were, “kick-you-butt-you-are-gonna-sweat” hard. Those basically mean the same thing, right? I can honestly say that at the start of February I didn’t know how I was going to make it through these DVDs. Everything on my body was on fire during the workout and sore the next day. Secretly, I love that post workout soreness though. Who else likes knowing that their workout actually worked them out.

Saturday was the last day that I did my PP workouts (I ended on PP 1 because that was my favorite of the two) and I will say that I’m going to miss it. My abdominals definitely got stronger this month and I am so proud and happy! If you have ever had a child, it is unbelievable how weak and out of touch your stomach feels afterwards. I know that it will take more time and work to strength my core back to the way it was (my goal is to get even better than I was before the baby) but I am very optimistic and motivated to get there!

Now for the details…

  • Post-pregnancy 1: This was my favorite workout between the two Post-pregnancy DVDs (I definitely looked forward to doing this one more!) and I thought it was tough. This one focuses more on working the core and strengthen the abdominals. Tracy does a warm up/stretches and a cool down in this one which I LOVE. I wish she would do more of a warm up and cool down in her newer DVDs. She has some low key classical music in this workout that was enjoyable for the first couple of times as I was learning the workout, but after a few days I just made my own playlist via Spotify and jammed to that. Tracy has good modifications in this workout and I really appreciated that while I was still building strength and endurance.
  • Post-pregnancy 2: I liked this DVD as well, but I thought that it was too hard at the beginning of the month! If I were to do last month over again, instead of alternating each day I would have done this workout every day for the last two weeks of the month because I would’ve been a bit stronger. I was sore after the first few times of doing this in my arms, hips and butt (I like being sore cause it means its working!) She doesn’t focus as much on the core in this workout like she does in PP1, which was a little bit of a bummer because my goal this month was to give my core a lot of attention. The music in this DVD is blah, so I muted it every time and played my own. Tracy doesn’t offer any instruction in this one (as opposed to PP1) which was fine since I am used to it, but if you are new to TAM make sure you watch the workout before you do it so you know what is going on!

Dance Cardio was much easier this month because my endurance and stamina are getting better (win!) and because my pelvic floor is getting stronger. Not having to stop every 5 minutes for a bathroom break is amazing. Seriously. I’ve been diligently doing my kegel exercises and it has had a major payout in the Dance Cardio department. Onward and upward from here!


For the month of March, I will be doing Tracy Anderson’s Teen Meta program. I am not quite strong enough to jump head first into her Metamorphosis program so I think this is the perfect transition program. I haven’t done this set before so I am excited for the new workouts and to see the results! I’ve done the workout a couple of times already and I am digging it! The Dance Cardio is fun and a great level following the Beginners Dance Cardio so it is perfect!

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